Work and Travel Experiences Abroad
by class 4AL
Dear all,
our class, 4 AL, has decided to set up a link on our school homepage to keep you up to date with our work and travel experiences abroad.
As we would like our current Australian, American and Scottish friends to read about them, too, we have agreed to use English as lingua franca.
We are sure you won’t mind.
By the way, we would like to thank our English teacher, Mrs. Maletto, for supporting us in this demanding task as well as Mrs. Balocco for giving us the opportunity to have such UNFORGETTABLE experiences abroad.
In year 2014-15, students from our class took part in two exciting exchanges.
Some students took part in a language exchange in Australia where they lived with host families to improve their English language skills and broaden their cultural awareness.
Other students undertook work experience in Edinburgh.
Whilst there, students volunteered in local charity shops to help improve their English and to give them some experience in the world of work.
We are going to be updating this blog with all kinds of experiences we will have and trips we will be going on during our time at school.
We hope someone else will support us in this difficult but challenging task!
All the best to all of you for your approaching summer holidays!
Your friends from the 4 AL

Last but not least our English and American friends from the eTwinning platform have decided to set up an edublog on Psychology. If you feel like it, you can follow them at and contribute to their blog by including information about your own country and/or anything related to Psychology that you are interested in!!